The voting for Meeting C++ 2018 has begun!

published at 22.06.2018 12:02 by Jens Weller

Last sunday the talk submission deadline for Meeting C++ 2018 passed, and 78 Speakers did submit 113 talks! Thanks to all who have submitted their ideas about what to speak at this years Meeting C++ conference!

The Voting

Now the voting has begun, its the first and most important step to select this years program. Until July 8th former attendees and this years attendees and everyone who submitted a talk is able to vote on all talks. Even their own, so if you submitted more then one talk, you can choose to influence a little on which talk has the best chances to make it to the conference. But with lots of people voting, each single vote is only a small factor.

With the exception on the Meeting C++ Staff and former Speakers, the voting is anonymous, you only see talk title, outline and description. The order of talks one sees is randomized, so that even when not everyone reviews all talks, the distribution of reviews is fair.

The program

After July 8th, the voting result gives guidance in what the program of this years conference should look like. There are only 33 slots in 3 tracks available, so from 113 talks only about 33 will be able to make it. The voting shows how popular a talk or topic is, but not always gives the best result for taking the top 33 talks. The top 11 talks will likely form the popular track. So mid July I should be able to contact each speaker to let them know if their talk has been accepted, and then also publish a first list of talks.

Access to the voting

A short paragraph on who is able to vote. You'll need a link to the tool with a correct voting id. This was send to previous attendees and speakers earlier.

I've written today to some of the submitters and those who bought their tickets after May 25th. I did send the voting link to all previous and this years attendees at may 25th, so if you attended Meeting C++ in the past, you have to look into this mail, other wise you've got a mail today.

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