Sponsoring next weeks ISO C++ Meeting in Cologne

published at 11.07.2019 15:53 by Jens Weller

I began doing sponsorships for the European Meetings of the ISO C++ Committee since last year. So as next week the committee is in Cologne, of course I also support this meeting through a sponsorship.

I lack the time to really be active in the committee, but through this way Meeting C++ can contribute to enabling the hosting of the folks doint the actual work. Though I'll be attending for a while too, from Monday - Wednesday next week I will be in cologne. Its a very short distance from where I live, the Niederrhein area.

I expect the committee to focus on C++20, the list of papers is also a really interesting outlook for what comes after C++20. A good overview on how C++ Standardization works you'll find at isocpp.org.

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