Food options at Meeting C++ 2019

published at 07.11.2019 13:30 by Jens Weller

One feedback from #include for CppCon for this year was could the food options be available on the website?

So I thought to my self how hard can that be? Seems this is something which becomes available shortly in front of the conference, as its the kitchen which decides what they can offer. So its not possible to have this online early, but once decided and the hotel prepares the signage, this can be shared. Though it falls into the time where most conference organizers are already busy, and thus its an item easily overlooked or not having the importance to actually receive a time slot for implementation.

One of the things that the Meeting C++ conference is well known for, is the quality of the food. So for the first time, you can see what you (likely*) could eat next week during the conference:

So for those with restrictions or perferences in food, you can see now what will be available during the conference. On the evening Meeting C++ will offer the usually Pizza & Pasta buffet which was always a big success with everyone. I'm looking into the feasibility of adding rice as an alternative to pasta, so that a gluten free option is available.

* its freshly prepared food, so some details might change.

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