Learn Robotics with C++ in 1 Hour

Robotics is a rapidly growing industry with many interesting technical problems and not enough engineers to solve them. If you’re interested in pivoting into this exciting field, come to this talk to learn about the C++ robotics toolchain. We will break down the problem of making an autonomous mobile system act on huge data streams in real-time and survey the quality and performance of popular libraries designed to solve these problems, such as ROS, OpenCV, PCL, TensorFlow, and more. The many phases of robotics testing will be explained with an emphasis on benchmarking, static analysis, and sanitizers. We will conclude with a forward-looking set of examples showing how C++17 and features on the roadmap for C++20 will make software for autonomous systems faster and more expressive.

See also: http://norvig.com/21-days.html

Speaker: Jackie Kay


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