Deeply Embedded C++

C++ embedded programming is very difficult. There are some limitations that are not always present in traditional programming environments such as limited memory, slower processors, and older C++ 98 compilers. Embedded C++ programmers must typically avoid using new and delete to avoid memory fragmentation and to maximize the limited amount of memory that they can use for their applications. Writing C++ applications that don?t use new and delete is quite the challenge! This talk is based on 10+ years of deeply embedded C++ programming in the Automotive Industry using CPUs with up to 6Mb of ROM, less than 1Mb of RAM and at most 200Mhz. We will present some of the interesting techniques that we have created to make it possible to create C++ applications in this very limited environment, such as an Embedded specific STL, an application lifecycle framework for heap-free systems, and type-safe low-level APIs.

Speaker: John Hinke

Slides: Deeply Embedded C++

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