C++11: An Overview

After 13 years the ISO approved a new C++ standard, or C++11 in short. C++11 has much to offer and will prepare C++ programmers for the future. This lecture will present the new great features of C++11. I will cover the core language, the new threading capabilities and the improved standard library. Please find a selection of the most important highlights below:

The C++11 core language offers

  • automatic typdeduction
  • lambda functions
  • initializer lists
  • move semantics
  • variadic templates

The new threading facilities 

  • thread management
  • thread local storage
  • condition variables
  • asynchronous functions

The improved Standard Library includes

  • regular expressions
  • type traits
  • random numbers
  • improved smart pointers
  • new containers like tuples, arrays and hash tables


Speaker: Rainer Grimm

Language: english


Video Part I

Video Part II

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