Keynote - Good C++11 Coding Style

What is good C++11 coding style? Although just ratified in late 2011, we already have early implementations to show us the path to good coding style. Indeed, much of C++11 was designed following rules to allow us to to achieve a superior coding style rather than the litter of bad code that was normal in C++98/03. Gone are the casts, macros, pointers, naked new and deletes, complicated control structures, special cases that don't fit generic programming, and deep nesting. This talk will illustrate the design rules we were aiming for in C++11, many of the pitfalls of migrating from C++98/03 to C++11, and how to achieve good code style using C++11's type-rich interfaces, integrated resource management, uniform generic programming and efficient mapping to hardware. In essence, modern C++11 coding style should be noticeably different than C++98 code, even at a glance. This talk will show you what to look for as code begin to migrate towards C++11.

Speaker: Michael Wong

Language: english


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