Asynchronous Input/Output with boost.asio

Boost.Asio is the library to turn to whenever you want to initiate an operation without calling a blocking function and waiting for it to return. This is especially important if you access resources outside of your program. First, you don't want a slow external resource to halt your program. Secondly, you don't want to give up concurrency if your program and the external resource could do their jobs at the same time.

This presentation will give you an idea how Boost.Asio looks like and works. You will be introduced to core concepts like the I/O service object, I/O objects and I/O services and how they are related. You will learn what asynchronous operations Boost.Asio supports out of the box. And if time permits you will be shown how you can add support for your own asynchronous operations to the library.

Speaker: Boris Schäling

Language: english



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