Carl Cook

Carl Cook has a Ph.D. and a M.Sc. with first class honours from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, graduating in 2006. His research focused on semantic modelling of source code as it evolves over time. The results give clarity on how software engineers construct code, and led to new types of collaborative editors/visualisation tools.

For the last 10 years Carl has worked in the finance industry, in the order execution space. He currently works for Optiver, a global electronic market maker, where he is tasked with adding new trading features into the execution stack while continually reducing latencies.

Carl has presented at several international software engineering conferences, as well as panel discussions and local C++ chapters. He has also taught several undergraduate courses on data structures and algorithms, and scientific method.

Carl is also an active member of SG14, making sure that requirements from the automated trading industry are represented. He is currently assisting with several proposals, including non-allocating standard functions, fast containers, and CPU affinity/cache control.

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