Speakers for the Meeting C++ Conference 2014

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Jens Weller

Jens started with programming C++ back in 1998, he joined in 2002 Vodafone as an apprentice and joined in 2005 the Vodafone Testcenter. He has worked since 2007 as a freelancer in C++, specialising in consulting, training and programming C++. He is an active member of the European C++ community and the founder of the Meeting C++ platform and conference. Jens is an active supporter of C++ user groups and blogs often about C++.


Roland Bock

Roland is Head of Development at PPRO Financial Ltd, an FCA regulated e-Money institute offering prepaid MasterCard card programs and comprehensive financial solutions for international electronic payment transactions. Since 2008 he has been using SQL in C++. Being unhappy with the string-based approach of most SQL libraries, he decided to do something about it and developed a type-safe EDSL for SQL in C++: sqlpp11, see https://github.com/rbock/sqlpp11 In his spare time Roland is preparing sqlpp11 to be proposed for boost and possibly also for the C++ standard. He lives and codes in Munich (Germany). C++ is his preferred language, especially since the arrival of C++11.


Rainer Grimm

Rainer Grimm is a longtime software developer and instructor. He invests some of his spare time in writing articles about the programming languages C++, Python and Haskell for the Linux-Magazine.
He works as a software architect and team lead for Metrax, building defibrillators for the private citizen and the clinical environment. So he brings together his training as a male nurse and as a mathematican.
His old and new passion is the programming language C++. He published the two books "C++11 für Programmierer" and "C++ kurz & gut".



Karsten Ahnert

Karsten Ahnert is a physicist and software engineer. He received his PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Potsdam in 2011. Karsten is now the CEO of Ambrosys - an IT company focusing on the management and analysis of complex systems.




Joel Falcou

Joel Falcou is an assistant professor at the University Paris-Sud and researcher at the Laboratoire de Recherche d’Informatique in Orsay, France. His work focuses on investigating high-level programming models for parallel architectures (present and future) and providing efficient implementation of such models using high-performance language features. He is also CTO at MetaScale SAS, a french IT start-up specializing in software solutions for high-performance computing.


Edouard Alligand

Edouard is an experienced kernel programmer, but has spent the last several years working on the hot topic of next-generation databases at software publisher Bureau 14. He has a strong background in low level programming, beginning with his first programming language: Z80 assembly.  Edouard is a C++ enthusiast with a strong taste for template metaprogramming, generic programming, and you're not doing it right if the compiler doesn't crash programming.


Phil Nash

Phil has spent much of the last three decades trying to work out how to transform percussive actions on a keyboard into patterns of electrical pulses that seem to make some people happy. Along the way he has discovered that sometimes you need to get other people involved too and generally tries to hang out with those that care about the craft as much as he does. Outside of paid contract work (mostly C++ for finance, these days), consulting, training and coaching he has authored open source projects including Catch (a C++ & Objective-C test framework) and a number of iPhone apps.


Marc Mutz

Marc is a Senior Software Engineer, Trainer, and Consultant with KDAB. He''s the author of the company''s In-depth Multithreading With Qt" and C++11 courses, and runs "-Wmarc", a blog about Qt, C++ and Boost. A regular contributor to Qt these days, and maintainer of the QtWidgets module, he has actively used the framework for more than a decade, first as a KDE contributor, and then on the job."


Ivan Cukic

I am a doctoral candidate (PhDc) at the Computer Science department of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade with main research revolving around the programming language design.

Have been a long time KDE contributor mainly working on the Plasma workspace, and lower-level frameworks for tracking and managing user actions. Maintainer of KActivities, Contour daemon and Lancelot.


Klaus Iglberger

Klaus Iglberger has finished his PhD in computer science in 2010. Back then, he contributed to several massively parallel simulation frameworks and was active researcher in the high performance computing community. From 2011 to 2012, he was the managing director of the central institute for scientific computing in Erlangen. Currently he is on the payroll at CD-adapco in Nuremberg, Germany, as a senior software engineer. Additionally, he is the initiator and lead designer of the Blaze C++ math library.


Denis Demidov

Denis Demidov is a senior researcher at Supercomputer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 2006 from Kazan Federal University. His research interests include computational fluid dynamics, high performance computing and numerical methods. He is the lead developer of VexCL -- a C++ vector expression template library for OpenCL/CUDA.


Wouter van Ooijen

Wouter van Ooijen is a software engineer by profession and a hardware tinkerer by passion. He got his degree in Informatics from the Delft University of Technology. He has worked on embedded systems for industry, space and military applications. Currently he teaches at the Technical Informatics section of the Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands. His main interest is the borderline between hardware and software.


Valentin Ziegler

Valentin Ziegler is a senior software engineer at think-cell, Berlin, where he focuses on the development of layout algorithms and their integration with intuitive user interfaces. Recently, he became a member of DIN and is part of the German delegation in the ISO committee for the standardization of C++.

David Stone

David Stone works at Markit on Demand integrating real-time financial market data. He enjoys giving talks on ways to maximize performance in C++, and is a speaker at C++Now. In his spare time he writes open source libraries and video games. He has a special interest in static analysis, strong types, and machine learning.


Detlef Vollmann

Detlef Vollmann is an active member of the C++ standardization committee (generally assigned to the concurrency sub-working group) and one of the (many) authors of the C++ performance report. He designs and implements programs with and without concurrency since 1980.



Christophe Henry

Christophe is Software Development Manager at Dr. Schenk in Munich (http://www.drschenk.com), Germany, has many years of experience writing C++ software for industrial Systems and insists on writing code on a daily basis. He is the author of the Boost Meta State Machine library, which he uses regularly to cause crashes of various compilers. Christophe loves C++, especially template meta programming and keeps reminding all who listen that a template a day keeps java away.


Georg Zitzlsberger

Georg Zitzlsberger is a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel GmbH (Software and Solutions Group). He provides support and training for Intel Software Development Tools which includes compilers, debuggers and libraries. His focus is performance and parallelism in the HPC domain. Georg Zitzlsberger works now for about ten years at Intel, of which he worked more than six years as a software developer for compilers & debuggers.

Daniel Pfeifer

Daniel Pfeifer has been using and evangelizing Boost since version 1.31. He started familiarizing himself with CMake and Git when it was rumored that Boost might use these tools in the future. Since 2010, he is fascinated by the goals of Ryppl. Daniel is working as a system architect and build manager in the automotive industry in Munich.


Ábel Sinkovics

Ábel Sinkovics is a software developer and has defended his PhD in January at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. His research is about C++ template metaprogramming, functional programming and domain-specific languages. He has been building libraries supporting domain-specific language embedding based on template metaprogramming and libraries supporting template metaprogrammers. He has also been working on tools supporting metaprogramming in C++.


Guntram Berti

Guntram Berti works since many years on development of efficient technical and scientific software in C++.
Since 2010 he offers consulting in mathematical modelling, algorithm design and implementation.
He also lectures on topics like C/C++ programming, software developments and applied mathematics.
For more information, see http://www.berti-cmm.de


Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers is one of the world's foremost authorities on C++.

He wrote the best-selling Effective C++ series

  • Effective C++
  • More Effective C++
  • Effective STL

Published and maintains the annotated training materials Overview of the New C++ (C++11/14) and Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment. Is Consulting Editor for the Effective Software Development Series, and, with Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, is a principal in C++ and Beyond. He has a Ph.D in Computer Science from Brown University. He's currently working on a new book, Effective Modern C++, which he expects to publish this fall.

Get his latest book:


Hartmut Kaiser

Hartmut Kaiser is a member of the faculty at the CS department at Louisiana State University (LSU) and a senior research scientist at LSU’s Center for Computation and Technology (CCT).

He is probably best known through his involvement in open source software projects, mainly as the author of several C++ libraries he has contributed to Boost, which are in use by thousands of developers worldwide. His current research is focused on leading the STE||AR group at CCT working on the practical design and implementation of future execution models and programming methods. His research interests are focused on the complex interaction of compiler technologies, runtime systems, active libraries, and modern system’s architectures.

His goal is to enable the creation of a new generation of scientific applications in powerful, though complex environments, such as high performance computing, distributed and grid computing, spatial information systems, and compiler technologies.


Sven Johannsen

Sven Johannsen has over 15 years of experience in programming C++.
He has worked on several projects from the visualization of measurement data to cloud computing.
Currently, he is employed at Schlumberger, developing petroleum systems modeling software for the petroleum industry.


Detlef Wilkening

Detlef Wilkening uses C++ for over 20 years, and has had a wide variety in using the language in different Industries (Automotive, Banking, Flightplanning and Trade). He also has expierence with developing Desktop and Client-Server Systems. Currently he is working in the Automotive Industry. He teaches C++ and java at the technical University of Aachen and is a active member of the C++ User Group NRW.

Peter Gottschling

Peter Gottschling is the Founder and Managing Director of SimuNova UG
and Director for Software Research at Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc.
SimuNova is members of Dresden's CUDA Center of Excellence.  He is the
author of the Matrix Template Library version 4 (MTL4) as well as
author or co-author of graph-based libraries like the Parallel BGL,
ANGEL (used in automatic differentiation), and ParGraph.  He is member
of DIN and head of the German delegation in the international ISO
committee for the standardization of C++.