Oh No! More Modern CMake

Speaker: Deniz Bahadir

Audience level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

By now the term "Modern CMake" should not be anything completely new to a C++ developer. Several sources about what Modern CMake is can be found on the Internet and the Meeting C++ conference itself had some pretty good talks about this topic in former years.

Still, a lot of developers cannot really tell what exactly makes CMake "modern" and how to use it correctly. Even those that can tell will constantly have to update their knowledge, because development of CMake does not stop and it is constantly gaining new features which makes it more powerful and (hopefully) easier to use.

This talks builds on top of last year's "More Modern CMake" talk [1] and continues showing what makes CMake modern and how to use it nowadays.

In this talk I will show the advantages of Modern CMake over Traditional CMake, but will also present some of its pitfalls as well as best practices and introduce new features of and changes to CMake which are noteworthy.

[1] https://youtu.be/y7ndUhdQuU8